Technical translations

Successful export countries like Israel or the United States specialize in the manufacture of innovative, complex and high-quality technical products. Exports are matched by imports of such goods. In proportion to this is the volume of technical translations produced for the globalized market. Proper technical documentation enables the correct use and maintenance of equipment, machines, vehicles, etc., whose practical value at the place of use would otherwise not be fully exploited. In addition, this prevents liability claims that could arise from improper handling. Only high-quality technical translations of technical documents make these contents understandable in those countries where your systems are used.

Accordingly, we provide you with technical translations into all languages of the world and vice-versa as well as in all fields of activity. We are just as versed and experienced in the translation of technical documents such as operating manuals, specifications, etc. as we are in software localization. In addition to correct and meaningful translations, software translations require that the functional requirements of user guidance are sufficiently taken into account.

There is nothing to be said against using databases with thousands of translators for all kinds of specialist areas, for example for the translation of documents as diverse as a technical operating manual, a company balance sheet or a real estate contract. At least at first glance. However, a translation agency first needs to learn about the structure, functionality and other special features that make up your product. Since the people in charge of a translation naturally understand a technical product not like engineers do about calculations, plans or algorithms, but rather about language, they need to get an idea of your product and its context and then give it names in the languages involved. In a translation agency like ours, which is based on a division of labor, there are specially trained terminologists for this purpose. The fascist terminology you have developed flows into the translation process via terminology-sharing systems, thus guaranteeing the accuracy of the technical translations.

A strict selection process ensures the linguistic competence of our native-speaking technical translators. For this reason, we do not advertise using "thousands" or even "tens of thousands" of translators. For nexus | Multilanguage Technical Documentations, the absolute professional competence of those we work with is much more important.

Professional translation memory systems increase the efficiency and quality of our technical translations and help you to reduce your costs. This is why we have been using such systems since 1993. We also guarantee a consistently high quality of our technical translations with the help of our cloud-based terminology sharing system "nexus tBase".

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