Technical terminology

Technical translations are needed wherever technical products, their function, handling, maintenance etc. are described linguistically in any form. We are thus dealing with a break between the world of engineers, for example, who understand a technical product from calculations, plans or algorithms, and the addressee of technical documentation who wants to be reached linguistically. The author of technical documentation usually understands the technical context of a product from direct observation and his or her well-founded specialist knowledge. Translators, on the other hand, are usually not permanent employees of a single client. Given the large number of target languages, this would not make economic sense. The challenge is therefore to linguistically prepare technical knowledge - concrete knowledge about your technical product - so that a translator understands the context and can correctly transfer it into the target language. The technical term is practically our smallest linguistic knowledge unit.

The product knowledge contained in such a knowledge unit is therefore more than just a designation in one or more languages. Because "what" is described is no less important than "how" an object or fact is named. In other words, terminology work consists first of defining the subject matter to be described - the definition is then assigned names in any number of languages. In a process based on a division of labor such as ours, the definition of terms is worked out by a terminologist who then fixes them in our terminology management system "nexus tBase" and thus shares them with the translators involved. The translators' task is to find and use the appropriate term in their respective working language.

Terminology work often takes place in the run-up to individual translation projects and then serves our quality management. Ideally, however, it is initially monolingual and precedes the editorial and translation processes.

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