Document types

Technical documents

The subject matter of technical translations are technical texts or documents that enable proper transport, assembly or installation, connection and commissioning, simple and proper use, correct maintenance and cleaning and environmentally sound disposal of technical products without avoidable risks. To ensure that this is also possible in the language of the country in which a technical product is marketed and operated, the translation of various types of documents may be necessary. Which these are is partly prescribed by law, for example in the EU Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC (document designation varies in part depending on the product, sorted alphabetically):

  • Specification / requirement specification / functional specification
  • Data sheet / product description
  • Commissioning instructions
  • Acceptance certificate
  • Mounting instructions / Assembly instructions / Installation instructions
  • Instruction manual / User manual
  • Maintenance manual / service instructions
  • Spare parts catalogue
  • Training documents
  • Software interface (user interface / GUI)
  • Quality Manual
  • Patent

If you need a technical translation for one or more of these technical document types, please ask us for a freequote.

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